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Saving Failing Implants

If you've had the unfortunate experience of having to have a tooth or multiple teeth removed, you probably remember a feeling of regret and helplessness, like something was missing, but then your dentist explained about the wonderful option of dental implants to replace the missing tooth or teeth! It was probably such a relief the day you received the final tooth on your dental implant after missing that tooth or teeth for so long. Your troubles chewing and speaking differently were over and now you could get back to the business of smiling and eating all the foods you love without worry; or so you thought. Do you remember being told your investment in a dental implant will last forever but now you suddenly find that the dental implant has become a problem? Do you find that you experience pain around the dental implant or constant bleeding gums when you brush that area? Have you been told by your dentist or implant surgeon that your dental implant has an infection and is beginning to lose supporting bone, fail or become loose? Were you given no options except to have the implant removed?!

What does that mean, anyway?

Dental implants, like natural teeth, are at risk of becoming infected from a whole range of bacteria that reside within the oral cavity resulting in a serious and potentially devastating form of gum disease known as peri-implant mucositis or a more severe form, which is known as peri-implantitis when there is loss of bone around the implant. Estimates in the prevalence of this problem range from 11-47% of all dental implants! This type of infection can progress slowly or rapidly in a matter of weeks. Early intervention and therapy can often result in complete reversal of symptoms. However, ignoring or being unaware of the early signs and symptoms of this disease, such as bleeding when brushing the implant area, swelling or pain, can result in considerable consequences and expense, which can ultimately lead to loss of you dental implant.

Dr. Cote has spent many years focusing on the treatment of gums issues, which can afflict dental implants. After a thorough discussion about your dental implant history, experience and any medically related issues, and a comprehensive clinical and radiographic examination, he will make certain to clearly explain the issues surrounding the problem and treatment of your dental implant. Dr Cote believes that peri-implant disease should be treated aggressively to save the implant. Through the use of predictable methods and the employment of sophisticated technology, such as the use of lasers, and other advanced bone grafting techniques, Dr. Cote will treat the underlying infection and root cause of the problem both mechanically and with chemotherapeutics (local antibiotics), ensuring that your dental implant is rendered healthy, as well as reconstruct any loss of natural bone and gum tissue around the implant. Dr. Cote's continued success at diagnosing and treating ailing dental implants can help to make certain you are able to enjoy long term success and general optimal oral health. Dr. Cote has made it his mission to promise to work closely and collaborate with your dentist or prosthodontist to ultimately achieve the most excellent function and esthetic outcome of your dental implant. Furthermore, regular maintenance appointments are absolutely necessary and important to prevent future dental implant complications. Dr. Cote is dedicated to ensuring the health and comfort of your dental implant by scheduling with you and performing regular hygiene maintenance procedures. At Central Park Dental Aesthetics Dr Cote's experience and technical excellence as a specialist in this field will make certain your dental implant complications can be addressed and expertly treated.

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